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MAS Mobility Aid Social

High Back Reclining Wheelchair

High Back Reclining Wheelchair

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Freedom and Comfort without Limits: Discover the Reclining Electric Wheelchair

In the universe of mobility, our high-back reclining electric wheelchairs stand as a beacon of innovation and comfort. Meticulously designed to empower those seeking independence and ease of movement, this wheelchair is much more than just a transportation tool. We invite you to explore the exceptional features that make it the perfect choice for a life on the go.

Lightness and Power in One Package:

Our electric wheelchairs redefine mobility with its mere 38kg net weight and staggering load capacity of 150kg. This unique fusion of lightness and strength allows you to move effortlessly and in complete safety. Whether you're exploring the city or venturing into more challenging terrain, our wheelchairs will accompany you with confidence.

Custom Settings for Supreme Comfort:

Imagine having complete control over your position and comfort. With reclining wheelchairs and adjustable footrests in multiple positions, even reaching a stretcher-type position, your comfort is in your hands. Every detail has been designed to provide you with perfect support adapted to your needs, allowing you to enjoy each trip to the fullest.

Instant Adaptability: Electric to Manual Switch at the Touch of a Switch:

Freedom of choice is fundamental. Our reclining wheelchairs give you the ability to effortlessly switch between electric and manual modes with a simple switch on the wheel. Feel in control at all times, no matter the situation or environment.

Smart Command, Hassle-Free Travel:

Navigating with our reclining electric wheelchairs is a delight. The smart controller and ergonomic joystick provide a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. Hold the joystick in the palm of your hand and experience the ease of directing your path with precision.

Boosted Power: 500W Motor and Intelligent Electronic Brake:

Power is at the heart of our reclining wheelchairs. With two 250W motors achieving a power of 500W, you can face any challenge in your path. In addition, the electronic slope brake guarantees your safety and peace of mind while traveling on inclined terrain. And for emergencies, a manual brake is always within reach.

Exploration without Limits: Anti-roll Wheel and 20 km Autonomy:

Move forward with confidence with the anti-tip wheel designed to maintain stability on inclines up to 15 degrees. The battery of our electric wheelchair offers an impressive range of up to 20 km, allowing you to explore beyond imagination.

Uncompromising Comfort: Padded Cushions, Headrest and Footrest:

Your comfort is our priority. The soft, breathable padded headrest provides exceptional support. Absorbent shock absorbers reduce impacts, giving you a smooth, uninterrupted ride. In addition, the adjustable footrest adapts to your needs, completing the total comfort experience.

Adaptable to Your Lifestyle: Controller on Right or Left Side:

In our reclining wheelchairs, you decide. The adaptive controller allows you to choose between right or left side placement, ensuring a perfect fit to your lifestyle and preferences.

In conclusion, our reclining high back power wheelchairs redefine mobility with its combination of innovation and comfort. Each feature is designed to give you the best possible experience, allowing you to live without limits or barriers. Experience the freedom you deserve and the comfort you crave with our exceptionally designed electric wheelchairs.

Data sheet

Item name
MAS II Mobility Aid Social
from battery
24V 12Ah
AC110-240V 50-60Hz Output: 24V
Of steel
Max load
Loading time
Feed speed
reverse speed
The radius of gyration
360º 60cm
Upload capacity
Driving distance
Front wheel
10 inch pneumatic
From the rear wheel
16 inch pneumatic
Size (unfolded)
Size (folded)
Packing size
NW(with battery)
NW(without battery)
Cardboard with hardened cork protection
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Muy buena atención

Muy contento con la silla, además el trato con la tienda a sido genial y me han ayudado mucho, la recomiendo.

Juan Pedro
Completamente satisfecho

Estoy completamente satisfecho con todos los aspectos de esta silla; su rendimiento es excepcional y estoy extremadamente contento con su funcionamiento. Además, viene completamente equipada, sin omitir el más mínimo detalle. Destaco su funcionamiento increíblemente. En mi opinión, considero que esta adquisición ha sido una magnífica inversión.