folding wheelchairs

Discover comfort and style in our wheelchair store

MAS Mobility Aid Social.

Facilitate your mobility with quality and unique design! Explore our range of folding wheelchairs: we combine practicality and comfort. Find the perfect model in our store.

Folding wheelchairs offer freedom and versatility.

Easy to carry, ideal for travel and convenient storage. Improve your life and your mobility!

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Electric wheelchairs with automatic folding

Discover comfort and versatility with our folding electric wheelchairs

MAS Mobility Aid Social

Folding electric wheelchairs with automatic folding stand out for their
its practicality, comfort and autonomy. Find the best options in our store.

Exceptional Benefits: Electric Wheelchairs

They facilitate travel, storage and freedom of movement. Improve your life with our folding electric wheelchairs. Autonomy, comfort and easy transportation.

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stair lift

Stairlifts provide independence to people with mobility difficulties. Go up and down stairs with ease and confidence, improving quality of life."

What is the main advantage of the stairlift?

They provide autonomy and access to all areas of your home without effort or risk. The portable stairlift consists of a wheelchair with a caterpillar-shaped device that moves up the stairs safely, controlled by a panel or control.

Are they safe to use? Yes, they are equipped with safety systems such as belts, sensors and brakes to guarantee user protection.

Where can I buy a stairlift?

You can purchase quality stairlift wheelchairs in our online store, offering quality at the best price.

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Transform your comfort and mobility with MAS Mobility Aid Social today.

We invite you to explore our MAS Mobility Aid Social online store, where we merge trust and security in every detail.

Our close approach and fast delivery reflect our dedication to your well-being.

Discover quality products and personalized advice for a satisfactory and safe experience. Your comfort and mobility are our priority.

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