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MAS Mobility Aid Social

Electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchair

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Discover Freedom and Comfort on the Move with Our Next Generation Electric Wheelchairs

In a world where mobility is essential, we offer the perfect solution for those seeking independence and comfort. Our innovative electric wheelchairs have been designed with every detail in mind to give you a unique and unparalleled experience. With exceptional features that make every trip enjoyable and hassle-free, we invite you to explore how our wheelchair can improve your quality of life.

Quick and Easy Plating: Your Perfect Travel Companion

Tired of complicated folding and transport processes? Our electric wheelchairs have been created to simplify your life. With an intuitive, one-button folding mechanism, you'll be ready to go in seconds. Its small design allows it to be folded compactly, making it the ideal travel companion that fits in any car trunk.

Designed for Your Comfort: Special for People with Reduced Mobility

We know that comfort is essential, especially for those with reduced mobility. Our electric wheelchair is equipped with a special memory foam cushion that adapts to your body, providing optimal support and pressure relief during your movements. Plus, its shock-absorbing shock absorber ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven terrain.

Total Control in Your Hands: Smart and Flexible Joystick

Your electric wheelchair adapts to you, not the other way around. Our smart and flexible joystick gives you full control over your movements. Its ergonomic design is easily held in full direction, allowing you to navigate with precision and effortlessness. Do you prefer to control your wheelchair with your right or left hand? No problem, you can customize the location of the controller according to your preferences.

Safety on Every Journey: Seat Belt and Electric Brake on Slopes

Your safety is our priority. Our electric wheelchair is equipped with a seat belt that gives you peace of mind on every trip. In addition, its electric braking system on slopes ensures total control, even on steep terrain, guaranteeing your safety and that of those around you.

Explore Without Limits: Wheels for Different Types of Terrain and Anti-Tipping

Do you want to venture into different terrains? Our electric wheelchair has been designed for exploration. Its versatile wheels allow you to conquer various types of surfaces, from urban streets to nature trails. Additionally, anti-tip wheels provide additional stability, allowing you to explore with confidence.

Adaptability in Your Hands: Change from Electric to Manual according to Your Needs

We know that your needs can change. That's why our electric wheelchair offers you the flexibility to switch between electric and manual modes as required. This unique feature gives you complete control over your mobility experience.

Autonomy and Freedom: Up to 20 km of Uninterrupted Travel

Our electric wheelchair takes you further. With an impressive range of up to 20 km, you can enjoy an uninterrupted journey, exploring new places and living life to the fullest.

Discover a new way of mobility with our cutting-edge electric wheelchair. Designed to fit your lifestyle and give you the freedom you deserve, this wheelchair is much more than just a means of transportation. It is a declaration of independence, comfort and security on the move. Experience the difference today and transform your life with our exceptionally designed electric wheelchair.

Data sheet

Item name
Mobility Aid Social (MAS)
250W * 2
from battery
24V 12Ah
AC110-240V 50-60Hz Output: 24V
Of steel
Max load
Loading time
Feed speed
reverse speed
The radius of gyration
360º 60cm
Upload capacity
Driving distance
Front wheel
10 inch pneumatic
From the rear wheel
16 inch pneumatic
Size (unfolded)
Size (folded)
Packing size
NW(with battery)
NW(without battery)
Cardboard with hardened cork protection
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Todo perfecto

Es para mi padre y le ha gustado mucho, un trato muy bueno y rápido.

Muy satisfecho

Muy satisfecho con la silla, yo tenia dudas si era la adecuada para mi madre, me puse en contacto ellos y me atendieron super bien.

Maria Dolores
Muy buena para personas mayores

Esta silla ha resultado ser un auténtico salvavidas para mi madre. Dada su dificultad para caminar y los temblores que experimenta, esta silla le ha brindado la movilidad que tanto necesitaba. Su manejo es sencillo y ofrece un gran nivel de comodidad.